Kita Garden Home Stay, enjoy the pool in Lakey Peak
Kita Garden Home Stay, best accommodation in Lakey Peak
Kita Garden Home Stay, beautiful sunset in Lakey Peak
Kita Garden Home Stay in Lakey Peak surrounded by many surfing spots, enjoy the waves!

Welcome to Kita Garden Home Stay an Accommodation in Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, Indonesia

Kita Gardens is an intimate home stay accommodation located a short 200m from the main Peak surf break. It has a very welcoming laid back retro surf atmosphere that makes all feel at home. The accommodation is of excellent value with secure rooms having full AC and TV DVD players. It is also the newest accommodation Lakey Peak with swimming pool.

Kita Garden is owned and run by Colin and his local Indonesian wife Ramah. Colin is originally from Australia and has spent spent the most part of his life chasing down the best waves on the east coast of Australia and some building in between. Ramah does all the cooking at Kita and is regarded as one of the best chefs in Lakey Peak having trained for many years at her sisters restaurant.

Colin has a great quiver of boards and he’s always willing to lend one out if your boards get stuck in Bali for a day or two. He’s also great local knowledge of all the breaks in the area where he can advise you on the best spot to surf on a particular tide and wind. If you’re lucky he might give you a map of a secret spot.

The Friendliest Lakey Peak Accommodation

The Friendliest Lakey Peak Accommodation

We are a short 200 meters from the main Peak. We have a welcoming retro surf atmosphere that makes all feel at home with swimming pool.

We have six room. Four are split level with a double bed upstairs and a double and single down stairs with private bathroom, air conditioning,TV and DVD player. The other two rooms have two double beds and a single with a private bathroom, air conditioning, TV and DVD player.

Kita Garden is the friendliest Lakey Peak accommodation.


Lakey Peak One of the Most Consistent Waves

Lakey Peak is an area were there are countless waves. Left and right reef breaks of all kinds from soft to heavy. You couldn’t ask for much more. The surrounding areas are nothing short of magnificent with mountains, rivers and white sand beaches. The locals are friendly and helpful.

The Surf
Our beautiful garden in Kita Garden Home Stay
the waves in Lakey Peak
Beautiful sunset view from Kita Garden Home Stay

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